Bulletin: Bridging the Border

Our bulletin Bridging the Border brings good news about the Nogales border community to our US neighbors. This newsletter is managed by our team of university students and experienced coordinators. Read our past issues to hear from our partner organizations, beneficiaries of FESAC Nogales, and community leaders.

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Issue 1

September 8, 2020

Who We Are: Fundación Empresariado Sonorense A.C. (FESAC)

Featured community agency: Juan Bosco Shelter

Featured community agency: Border Community Alliance

Good news at the border: Fruit of the Loom campaign

Issue 2

October 30, 2020

Who We Are

Featured community agency: Taller de Costura Guadalupana 

Border Closings: A risk to our border communities

Photo updates

An interview with FESAC supporters

Issue 3

December 16, 2020

Holiday campaign: Teachers and tablets for children at the border

Resiliency at the border: COVID-19 through the eyes of Ana Paola

Featured community agency: BYTE's Jacksubeli

Blog and website published!

Issue 4

February 5, 2021

Updates from Ana Paola, the 8-year-old conquering COVID

Deijuven's music students on learning during the pandemic

Celebrating the life of Juan Francisco "Paco" Loureiro

Celebrating the life of Isaac Dabdoub Chávez 

Celebrating the life of Margaret Ellen "Peg" Bowden

Snowfall in Nogales

Issue 5

April 9, 2021

Casa de la Misericordia: Community building in the midst of crisis

FESAC intern awarded grant for migrant health research

Red Cross Station Updates

Sonoran Migrant Project donates to San Juan Bosco and Red Cross Station

Issue 6

July 8, 2021

Teachers and Tablets Program Update: Accomplishments

Maya's Gift

Manitas Que Hablan: A history making graduation

Fundación Esposos Rodriguez (FER)

Welcome FESAC Interns: Nina Theisen, Catherine Born, McKenzi Thompson

Issue 7 (Emergency Edition)

July 30, 2021

San Juan Bosco Shelter over capacity

Flash floods in Nogales exacerbate situation

Issue 8

October 17, 2021

San Juan Bosco Shelter Update: $50k raised

Tablets and Teachers Program: Transitioning into the next phase

Maternal Health at the Border

Issue 9

November 30, 2021

Who will build the future?

The Miracle of Migration

How Nogales greets, cares for and supports asylum-seeking families

Angelica Macias' Journey to Casa de la Misericordia

Why Volunteering at the Border Matters

Issue 10

March 22, 2022

Who is FESAC?

Social Investment Strategy

Escuelika: an historic new school in a Nogales shelter!

Quotes about Escuelika

FESAC and Casa de la Misericordia launch a new Adult Education Program to provide vocational courses!

Spotlight: Arizona Sonora Border Projects for Inclusion (ARSOBO)

San Juan Bosco Shelter celebrated its 40th anniversary on January 31st

Next Issue: Health Needs in Asylum Shelters of Nogales, Sonora

Issue 11

August 2022

What is FESAC?

On the Rough Road to the Future

Teachers and Tablets: The School at Casa

CECATI: Adult Courses at Casa

How to Support FESAC's Social Investment Work

Issue 12

January 2023

Introducing FESAC

Who is building the future?

Updates from Casa de la Misericordia

FESAC sponsors health research in Nogales shelters

Introducing FESAC's Stanford Interns

Issue 13

July - August 2023

FESAC becomes a community partner agency with the Stanford University Haas Center for Public Service.

Meet the 2023 FESAC Interns.

Update on Casa de la Misericordia y de Todas las Naciones.

Thank you note to our recent donors.


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